Mangyaring sagutan ang 5 mga katanungan tungkol sa iyong unang pangalan: Ang iyong pangalan:
Maligayang pagdating sa!
Dito ay makakahanap ka ng mga interesadong impormasyon sa loob ng 100.000 na mga pangalan! Tulad na lang ng kahulugan, pinagmulan at popularidad ng mismong unang pangalan mo.
Naghahanap ka ba ng magandang ipapangalan sa iyong baby? Kung ganon ay ito na ang tamang lugar. ay ang pinaka kumpletong website pagdating sa pangalan ng mga baby sa Pilipinas!

Pinakabagong mga komento

kahaponRose Marie
13-01Ronawala naman
13-01Joannah Maemahirap itong ispell ng aking mga kaklase at maganda raw ito
13-01Christian Mark
12-01Anastacia Casapao
11-01Maria Zofia Celestia
11-01Danilo Gasparin
11-01Jessie Sobrepenawala
10-01AvenMeron, galing sa bible
8-01Ivy Joy
8-01Jasmine Samantha Buan
6-01Brix BrylleWala
6-01Brix BrylleWala
6-01Brix BrylleWala
6-01Pamela MaeWala
6-01Pamela MaeWala
6-01AngelMayroon, palagi nilang sinasabi angel daw na walang pakpak.
6-01AngelMayroon, palagi nilang sinasabi angel daw na walang pakpak.
6-01CrisantoPangmatanda daw.
6-01CrisantoPangmatanda daw.
6-01CrisantoPangmatanda daw.
4-01TeodoroMagandang pangalan
3-01JaysonMadaling tandaan
3-01JaysonPara sa akin isa syang pabilasang bigkasin at madaling tandaan
3-01JaysonPara sa akin isa syang pabilasang bigkasin at madaling tandaan
3-01JaysonPara sa akin isa syang pabilasang bigkasin at madaling tandaan
2-01AbdulkadirAwesome!As part of this, will you also be adding support for uploading and processing large 1080p HD video in avchd (.mts, .mtb) format? I've been able to upload smaller files in this format (.mts) but uploading of a 7 minute, 860GB file in this format failed redlutepey.Yoatube also doesn't support .mtb at all (.mtb is the format JVC Everio's software saves edited .mts files in).
2-01AmbruniI share my love of these appliances with you. Don’t like the A/C much either, there is nothing exotic about them. When I fall asleep on the sound of a Reanlutioovry Air Circulators (can I say RAC?) I imagine the sound of waving palms, cooling me down while I rest in my hammock. But maybe that is just me?
2-01NeylanI dont have choice..there are to many religions to chose from so I dont want any of them..they are all corrupt and demanding of so much, and the followers dont follow what is written…it caters to the rich and does not do what it says it cagr.#8230;&.?elinion is another way wars can be declared….human up and grow…Earth is ours for a while….pass it on untouched….
2-01BrochtAwesome looking website. I recently built mine and I was looking for some design ideas and you gave me a few. Can I ask you whether you deeleopvd the website by youself?
2-01Amshumanyou say 50 cent – i say LINKIN PARKyou say rihanna – i say meltalicayou say hip-hop – i say megadethyou say lady gaga – i say slayeryou say justin bieber – i say iron maidenyou say hanna montana – i ac/dcyou say soulja boy – i beat u down yelling korn92% of teenagers have turned to hip-hop and pop, if ur part of the 8%, copy this message and past it to an other video. DONT LET THE SPIRIT OF ROCK DIE!!!! (copied i did not make this
2-01AlexanderWhats the best way to burn off belly faaey?th i know you cant focus fat burnin to only one spot but whats the best for belly fat/man boob
2-01RicardoThat is an assertive bread but the flavors are indeed wolnurfed! Happy you finally received your luggage... scary that they were willing to give you someone else's suitcase!
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2-01GarNos encanta! vivan los pholtcalos! las chicas de Sésame et Cannelle, casaderas ambas, tienen pensado poner unos bien chulos en nuestras paredes bodiles
2-01BoryaCanada>Canada She is as perfect as you can ge0;#823t;&#8230&fine as hell, bomb head, perfect body, and know how to fuck….i would wife her off top.
2-01Martincould you please identify a contemporary black elected official who is threatening or nopo&pnr-achable?Leta#39;s put it this way, steve. I don't think Maxine Waters ought to plan on running for president any time soon. Myself, I happen to like her. But she wouldn't get 43% of the white vote like Barack "Cosby" Obama did. Incidentally, I liked Cosby way, way back when. Long before his TV show. Good guy.
2-01Marissabro azrul, mmg ingat nk salkaahn myj bila carian jodoh kat sini tak jd, ropenye salah step … tq for the tips, lps ni kena lebih berhati2 di jln raya
2-01Aye... Anleitung tönt sehr gut! Ich bin (wohl auch durch deine Posts anctaesghelt) nun auch wieder am Stricken - im Moment einen Schal. Doch Wolle ist genug da und eine Mütze wäre doch toll - speziell, wenn man bei dir so tolle Stücke sieht. lg, Beatrice
2-01Corynaor not, the Egyptians are happy that they have Israel to as;rIt.ssiael&#8217ss northern border remains the biggest likely problem area because it is fully controlled by Iran through Hezballah.
2-01AbdulbakiWow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is great, let alone the content!. Thanks For Your article about It’s Game, Set and Match ! as European Postal Systems Ltd enjoy “The Wimbledon Chiipmonshaps 2011″. | .
2-01Auria AgustinDepends what kind of winter yo&;28#17ure having heh.. When it’s way too cold and constantly snowning, it’s hard to look good. When people are on the streets, everyone looks the same with their huge winter coats.. I love fall and spring because it’s not too hot to layer but it’s not cold either.
2-01YangThese are outndasting! Well done, you’ve really captured these 2 adorable children. I particularly like the family shot with 2 kids in front, and the boy looking out window, oh all of them really! You are really blooming Monika!x
2-01JeanmireeMih de onde você é? eu comprei a minha no Shopping Iguatemi daqui de SSA. Eu vi alguns pares há umas 3 semanas no shopping salvador alguns pares! è uma pena que a rilceuhao n faz vendas online!
2-01AnahksunamuhnTaky si bohužel myslím, že vím, o koho jde. Měla jsme drobné pochybnosti už delší dobu, ale tohle mě dost zasáhlo.I přesto se budu snažit pomáhat dál,snad nejsou všichni tak nenažraní a nemohou doplatit na dr.hé..uAle je to hodně smutné.
2-01Trisha MaeAtata se plang unii de viteza browserului sau de mai stiu eu ce in loc sa fie multumiti ca pot folosi un sistem windows plagiat,dar asa e roac-ul,daamni dai un deget vrea toata mana !Ca parere si W vista si W 7 sunt niste fiasco a la microsoft !!!
2-01AethelberhtQué bonitos vuestros coatnemrios, Karo, Isabel... Alli estabamos todas presentes, unas pudimos estar alli en directo, otras en la distancia... En los momentos más difíciles es cuando mas necesitan el apoyo de sus fans. El mío lo tendrán siempre
2-01Aleyna SophiaOctober 5, 2012My marriage with Uruguay is quite tenuous. A buddy of mine provides a wine import business from there. But David and I are a minimal condesirably less tenuous. Hope all is properly along with you, my mate. Younger Grown ups will perform for your last time (initially time in above 20 years) on Memorial Day weekend in Rhode Island. It is a protracted bicycle trek, but when you will be on this portion on the hemisphere and you would want to come, would like to see you there.
2-01RowieFowolling this policy will google take the big block of ads off of the top of their search results. For some seaches they take a big part of the page above the fold.
2-01Amenophismtraven: "You've figured it out! All those gays want to get married just to mess with your head. It's all about you!"If homosexual "marriage" were about what holomexuass want, neither you nor I would have ever heard of it.
2-01Earlsecara teknis ada cara-cara n solusi dari mas Kiki (Hermawan Sulistyo) nih untuk atasi macet jakarta, arsipnya ada di tvi96...badwordfolter("9062n58 004e93952903");
2-01Antonia Maridi pa sana panahon na mapatay si Kevin e… sana pagka nakaayat na si Madam Ana sa langit, saka pa si Kevin ma3m&ayt#82a0; ang kasi ng eksina na yun e para bang mabubuhay si Kevin… e mamatay rin pala..! ano ba yun..?!
2-01AmbrosiosBravo pour cette belle performance que j’ai aimé suivre tout au long de votre parcours.Quel exploit que d&ca217;8c#omplir un tel rallye. Je suis très fière de vous et tout particulièrement de ma cousine Severine .Plein de bisous a la plus vaillante des infirmières !!!Lise
2-01MarissaPretty good judgment except leaving out unfair competition ground and the only strong ground in this case. Feel sorry for the Plaintiff who was wrongly advised by their Attorneys to contest on the grounds of TM & Copyright Infringement. Passing off and unfair competition make sense but I fail to understand why did the pl;#ftifn&i39as Attorneys added TM & Copyright Infringement.
2-01NilaExactly. She is still a highly sexualized eye candy toy for the presumed straight male gaze. That is what makes the whole co--rantlynbattetedsand-threat ened-with-rape thing so damn squicky and sick to me.
2-01MauryaYou look gorgeous! That jumpsuit looks amazing on you mA! I love the colors, and the belt! The sweater is also lovely! and as for Paaraonmrl Activity 2! ALOT scarier than the first:))
2-01Hae-WonRobinho met chelsea officials. Robinho is coming to to Chelsea. 99% confirm to join chelsea. 1 percent for RObinho to change his mind and other negative elements to prevent him from signing with Cheaesl.Reply